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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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matt is in hayward with the latest including possible lead involving the teen's facebook page. authorities asked forked asked for the help in fining minh ly. the search for minh ly was called after at 9:00 last might can they believe the 6-year-old is in the rugged terrain or in san francisco after tracing spent activity to a library in the city. the student argued with his father on saturday and walked off wearing only a private colored shirt and slippers. it is getting cold. you need something for eat...come back.
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>> investigators monitored his facebook page and say someone at a san francisco library opened and read a message no word in the seven will resume this morning. 4:31. a person is recovering after being hit by a bart train at the station in san lenadro. the person bounced back on to the platform after being hit by a fremont-bound train at 8:00 last night. a spokesman said the person is in "better condition than you would expect." the station was closed for an hour and a half and passengers on fremont and dublin/pleasanton line suffered delays. more people. fewer cars. a tighter skis on bart. the san francisco chronicle reports the service acknowledged 420,000 riders a
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weekday 20,000 more than last year each day. bart usually has 130 cars out of service because of damage and rehabilitation or maintenance. a short average five cars could mean in seats for 7,200 riders and tighter squeeze for thousands who stand. amy hollyfield is talking with riders this morning and will have a report at the top of the hour. a new report commissioned bit board of bart flames lack of trust between union and management for the seeks that struck down the transit network written by consultants in washington state who anonymously interviewed board members and union members and management. there was a hostile start to contract negotiations and it got worse because of the trust issue and pre-existing bad blood. the report calls for an overhaul of the system and culture at bart before the next labor contract in 2017. a memorial service for
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14-year-old rashon williams a freshman football player stabbed to death in san francisco's mission district on tuesday. family and friends gather in daly city to celebrate his life. visitation is at 4:00 p.m. and a vigil is at 7:00 p.m. police arrested a 14-year-old former classmate in connection with his death. a fundraising campaign in memory of him has raised more than $18,000. >> a 16-year-old boy stabbed in a san jose park is improveing. it happened at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. when the boy was found he had life threatening wounds and now is upgraded to "serious but stable," condition. >> stand for police are investigating a people more spray attack on campus when victim worked in a parking lot near the research center and he was attacked on friday. the suspect was wearing a black
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hoodie with a bandanna. >> four years after the pipeline explosion the grieving continues. community members and civic leaders remembered those lost in the tragedy. here is lisa. >> didn't know it was my neighborhood the most shocking thing of my life. >> the people of san bruno remember the day no one can forget when a pg&e pipeline exploded. in four years, homes have been rebuilt and many returns but eight never will. some admit anger is every day feeling, toward pg&e recently fined $1.4 billion for the explosion. >> never once have they said an apologies never once did they say, i'm sorry. >> four years ago we had a
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horrible tragedy. >> this was followed by a moment silence in honor of those that died. >> people died. it was not an accident. it could have been prevented. >> some think of the day to be thankful. >> feel fortunate it was not worse. it can have been the whom neighborhood. >> rebuilding will continue for at least another year. the owner of the ravens said he is sorry for how the team handled the domestic violence case against race rice after new video obtained by tmz showing rice knocking out his then fiance inside a casino elevator in february. the nfl originally suspended rice if two games but weapon the video surfaced he was suspended indefinitely and cut from the
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team. the owner says in a letter to the fans, seeing the video changed everything. we should have pursued our own investigation more vigorousry. we din. we were wrong. >> the nfl commission said we did not know what was on tape, we did not get this right, that is my responsibility and i'm accountable for that. the nfl suspended rice it did not rule out his return. rice made the first statement since the video was released saying he and his wife will support each other and work through this. >> president obama will work on strategy against isis in a prime time speech at he revealed the plan to congress calling for training and arming moderate opposition forces in syria. the united states will likely exexpands airstrikes in iraq and american lanes and drones carried out 150 attacks in the
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last in. the president will address the nation on isis at 6:00 this evening right here. you may to use the air conditioning, but what do you think? >> it will be progressively warmer, thursday and friday. and why do we have poor air quality not associated with ozone which is normal for summer but with fine matter because of the fires to the north that are spreading the smoke to us. we got our prevailing northwest wind and look what it is doing, it is bringing us the spoke so we have an advisory for today and tomorrow. fur headed into san francisco we have temperatures in the much 50's and ferry building is 58 and financial district is 57 and it is 55 at pacifica and cooler in petaluma at 51 and american
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canyon is 50 and 55 in sap lap tremendous and 53 in santa clara and 63 in pittsburg. the warmer nights are developing inland. we are at 82 by noon and mid-90's at 4:00 and mid-70's to low 80's noon to 4:00 around the bay and mid-70's at 7:00 and topping out in the mid-to-upper 60's at the coast. >> happy wednesday, hump day. metering lights are off at the bay bridge. traffic is light. we have a problem in oakland a solo spinout with the sensors showing slow traffic after hitting the center died. take precautions in the area westbound 580 but otherwise, eastbound 580 and westbound on-and-off of the richmond-san
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rafael bridge this is slow traffic. we have slow traffic between novato and petaluma which is a widening project northbound and southbound 101. >> uber is hit with a lawsuit. the riders say they are being discriminated defense. >> a battle over a soda >> the new abc7 news now. we have a look toward the embarcadero and the ferry building and the smaller pictures we have the golden gate bridge and western span of the bay bridge. more is ahead. more is ahead. stay
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:41. santa clara police need your help to find a man would broke into a computer store.
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this is surveillance video from the computer store. he is looking through the boxes before hitting the camera. he got away with several laptops. >> a lawsuit filed against san francisco-based car service uber claims the company's drivers discriminate against blind riders with guide dogs. we the national federation for the blind cited 30 instances of uber drivers nationwide refusing to transport service animals which violates. federal americans with disabilities act. uber noted their policy to terminate any driver who refuses to transport service animals. >> san francisco business owners are taking a bold stand against a prepared soda tax in november to cut consumption of sugary drinks. teaming up with the american beverage association to convince voters to reject it. >> the billboard shows faces of
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local business owners and "i am voting no." taylor co-owns a boutique soda and candy shop with two san francisco locations. >> it will affect us that will result in diminished sales and increased competent from out of city vendors. >> he is looking at between $4,000 to $9,000 a month in taxes. >> it is large. >> it charges distributors two cents an ounce of a sugary drink that will be passed on to the merchant and then to the consumer. tax on a 12 ounce bottle of soda, for example, would be 24 cents more. a health advocate has been trying for years to get a bill like this to fight childhood obesity and childhood diabetes. >> we don't have millions to pull the billboards up. >> the bill poors are misleading
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putting small business owners up to say, this will burden small business. it is a tax paid bit distributor not the retailer. >> the supervisor says the message is what the billboards do not say, funds go to nutrition and health programs nutrition and health programs and promote a healthy california significantly cut back on water consumption but could do better. the criminal board says water use declined 7.5 percent in july and 4.5 percent in june. significant improvements compared to may when urban water use actually increased 1.5 percent. the numbers are far from the 20 percent target the governor set in the drought emergency proclamation in january. >> the latest victim of the drought gripping california is betters. the water level east of
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sacramento is so low there is a five mile per hour speed limit for the entire reservoir so no waterskiing and shuts down boating altogether. the speed limit will stay in affect until the water level rises above an elevation of 400' some figures you could see the old water line and it is a long way away from where it is now. >> normally five miles per hour is the whole lake zone. >> exactly. it is everywhere including lakes at the lowest level. ever. it is not just us but other areas in the west telling with the significant drought. good morning, everyone, check out the lack of wind, only fairfield at nine and sfo at six and half moon bay at three and the rest of us are calm this morning and that is why we have had a slow return of the cloud cover. you can see it is very thin and broken and it will fill in the next two or three hours but that is it as we look from the east
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bay hills across the bay bridge into san francisco and when we get the sunshine to break out it will be hazy because of the smoke in the air and it will be warmer through thursday and fewer clouds is the good news, and it will cool nicely at night into the 50's. the heat be subside starting next week. warmer-than-average temperatures last through the weekend. cloud cover today at 10:00, mostly gone. at the coast we have pockets of sun. the marine layer will be stubborn. 60's, 70's, 80's, there they are. the 90's are in the forecast. we will see a few of them to the south including los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy, low-to-mid 90 and the rest of the south bay in the home 80's and mostly sunny in santa cruz at 75 and mid-80's from redwood city to los altos and from san mateo to millbrae mid-to-upper 70's and along the coast
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mid-to-upper 60's and sausalito is 75. low-to-mid 88 through the north bay and napa is 57 -- 87 warm spot. 80 in union city and fremont and newark. inland, low-to-mid 90s. at game we have nice temperatures, 65, and dropping to 61. most of us in the mid-50 to nearly 60 and a lack of cloud cover but for san francisco and oakland is our coastal valleys in the north bay. seven-day outlook shows we going to be adding a couple of degrees to the forecast thursday, friday, and saturday, the warmest days. 70's at beach and sunshine and clouds return on monday with a cooling trend beginning. >> if you are headed out on this wednesday morning we will look at mass transit.
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bart has 25 trains on time this morning can muni is not reporting delays and ace train out of central valley is running four minutes early. remember that. it will probably catch up. san mateo bridge is hooking free and easy and we have nice traffic conditions headed in the westbound direction toward foster city and san mateo side, about 13 minutes. in the oakland area westbound 580 at seminary reports of a solo spinout that cleared that was partly blocking the right hand lane and between jackson and 5th southbound, through the oakland area, as well. >> thank you, sue. the technical world is still budsing this morning about apple's latest products but this is concern about a new >> apple is entering the wearable market, with the apple watch getting much more attention than the new iphone
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but "new york times" reporter said that the battery life will ena question. >> part of the reason they are waiting until next year for release is they are going to continue to pursue what the battery shelf like is. >> both iphone 6s goes on sale next week bigger than early iphone and faster and thin neither with improve cameras with a 5.5" screen and long battery life. apple has a new mobile operating system including apple pay letting you pay by tapping your phone rather than swiping a credit card and is available a week from today. here is why u2 performed, apple is giving away the new am one minute. on itunes. coming up, too many students and not enough money. cal state leaders are forcing they make take action leading
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thousands of high school graduates in the cold. >> symbols you will see on website and the issue they trying to get your attention on. >> looking live at downtown san francisco and the small screen on the right the bay bridge toll on the right the bay bridge toll plaza and in san jose 280 and
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>> basketball season is around the corner and war years are offering single game tickets for warriors insiders with sales at 10:00 a.m. and the general public can buy single game tickets tomorrow but the team says they are in short supply. they on the home regular season schedule november 1 against the lakers. >> a warning at cal state university system. increase our funding or we will have to turn away new freshman
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in favor of community college transfers raising the possibility during preliminary talks of the 2015-2016 budget. a careers of spending cuts the governor is proposing $120 million increase for cal state but the university says that is $116 million short of what it needs. also, hows more students are attending community college in california and those who graduate are guaranteed admission to cal state and may squeeze out high school graduates. >> student loan is not only a problem for the young, a new government report shows more senior citizens are struggling with student doubt. the government accountability office finds 4 percent of americans ages 65 to 74 carry student debt in 2010 and many using social security benefits to pay back federal student loans. most of the loan was for their own education decades ago and the rest was taken out for that children. a senate committee will address the issue at a hearing today. >> san francisco museum of
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modern art $10 million expansion is taking shape and steelworkers will put the final beam in place. the expansion is going up behind the museum's existing landmark building with the collection exploding from 12,000 to 32,000 pieces since moving to south mark net providing an additional 235,000 square feet. they will re-open in 2016. can't wait. it is now 4:54. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and the warm-up. we will be painting the sky gray because of the haze and the smoke to the north. you can see the haze over san francisco but the clouds are stuck at the coast and will come over the next hour. look at the temperatures four degrees warmer in petaluma, and five degrees warmer in san francisco, fremont is 84, hose
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is 83, and creek creek is walnut creek is eight degrees warmer fan yesterday. we will flirt with 100 through the central valley and palm springses is 102 and low-to-mid 80's in los angeles and lake, today, tops out at a quiet 81 and yosemite is hazy 94. safe travels indeed for this wednesday morning. we will look at the bay bridge with the beautiful eastern span and traffic is flowing nicely with no delays or metering lights. that is a nice easy drive. eastbound 580 we have road work in the lanes through police officer more until 6:00 this morning and westbound is now starting to slow from the central valley and through livermore and that road work has been picked up. well take you to the north bay southbound 10125 new metering
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lights between santa rosa and petaluma, they are funding. >> you may have noticed something different when you are online, you could be seeing a lot of con featuring a cat to protest a rope am that could allow internet service providers to charge websites extra money for faster connection. >> research finds older people would relied on drugs to anxiety are at higher risk of getting a disease. the study found that those participating 66 and older who use a class of drugs are almost twice as likely to develop the mind robbing disease. research suggests the drugs such as valium and xanax bind to resoap
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brain. >> prince harry's games for wounded military personnel are underway, a great opportunity to support and thank the men and women who have given so were. 98 americans are among the 400 wounded warriors taking part in the competition. the sports include basketball and rugby, sitting bowling ball, archery, indoor rowing and road cycling and prince harry cares so much this is the first tweet he sent out about the game. >> didn't know that. very interesting. a worthy cause. >> president obama on the brink of launching a more aggressive attack on isis terrorists and what is expected when he addresses the nation tonight. >> a big hurdle in fi survival. >> a look at the golden gate bridge and showing the western
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side of the bay bridge with live doppler hd showing remark in the east bay on 680ed heavy if this time of morning. we will check more weather we will check more weather traffic and news for you after n] the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate,
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> welcome to hump day edition. we will find out how the week looks weather-wise. mike? >> good morning, i have zeroed in on santa rosa and you


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